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Arson Investigations

Was the fire accidental or was it arson?

If arson is suspected, you should promptly click on "New Assignment" and get Unified on the case.

There are many red flags of arson that an adjuster can identify at his/her desk when the loss is reported. There are other red flags at the scene that can be discovered to determine whether or not further investigation is warranted.

Even if a fire is determined to be arson there are often many avenues of subrogation. When Unified is conducting the investigation, even in cases of arson, the client can expect all subrogation avenues to be fully investigated and documented.

If there are indicators that the fire did not occur as reported, then an independent fire expert should be assigned to conduct the scene examination. If the fire is determined to be arson by the local officials or by an independent fire expert, Unified recommends letting the independent investigator do a complete and thorough follow-up investigation.

Arsonists beware; when Unified is on the case we will turn over every leaf and uncover every fact about the claim.