wireOur Forensic Electrical Engineers investigate electrical systems and appliances for the possibility of a malfunction.

Electrical Engineering deals with the technology of electricity, especially the design and application of circuitry and equipment for machine control, communications and power generation and distribution. Forensic electrical engineers investigate electrical systems, components and appliances to determine whether or not there was a malfunction. Additionally, electrical engineers evaluate damage attributed to lightning, electrical shock and electrocutions.

Failure Analysis – Inspections are made of suspected failed electrical products and components to determine if a failure happened and, if so, to identify the failure and its cause. The investigation may provide input into the identification of the responsible parties for potential subrogation.

Product Liability – Products involved in a loss are examined to determine if potential subrogation action is warranted or to defend against such action.

Electrical Accidents (Electrocution & Electrical Shock) – Investigation into the circumstances and evaluation of the electrical apparatus involved in arc flash, electrocution or shock can determine the sequence of events and the cause of the event and can identify potential responsible parties.

Investigation of Electrical Failures Suspected of Causing a Fire – By investigating electrical distribution systems and utilizing equipment to establish the cause of damage, Unified engineers can identify electrical fire cause and determine potential responsible parties.

Lightning Evaluations – Evaluation of damage suspected to be due to lightning can establish whether or not the damage is in fact due to lightning, power surge or other cause.

Forensic Investigations also include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical Code Complaince & Violations
  • Laboratory Testing & Reconstruction
  • Product Research & Recalls