Structural Design

Our Forensic Structural Engineers evaluate structures to determine if they contributed to a loss.

For example, forensic structural engineers work with buildings, roofs, walls, bridges, sink holes, foundations, hurricane events, tornado events, hail events, earthquake events, etc.
Failure Analysis – Unified engineers can examine a suspected failed structure to determine if, why and how it failed. These failure causes often point to responsible parties who can be pursued to recover losses.

Damage Analysis – After a potentially damaging event, (wind storms, etc.) inspections can be conducted to determine which components are damaged and which are not so that the actual scope of the loss can be established.

Salvage and Repair Assessment – Unified engineers can inspect damaged structures to determine if it can be economically repaired. In addition, they can set up a proposed repair plan.

Structural Design Services – Our affiliate Unified Consulting, LLC, based in Michigan, provides structural design services for new and existing construction. Our engineers can handle everything from residential construction and repair plans to large commercial and industrial development projects.

Product Liability Evaluation – A structural system can be evaluated to determine if design or installation or maintenance defects are present, if it is unreasonably hazardous and if it met the highest standards of safety when it was erected.